Thursday 25 May 2017

Book Review: Out of Reach by Elizabeth McGregor (Cooke)

This book was one of the first ever books I was approved for on NetGalley. It has sat on my 'to-read' shelf for nearly 7 months. Having read it today, all I can say is, why did I wait so long? I am a huge fan of the relatively recent 'psychological thriller' genre and despite Out of Reach originally being published in 1997, it is as fresh and as current as its modern counterparts.

The truth is always just out of reach…

Kate McCaulay thinks she has rebuilt her life. She has a job as a local newspaper reporter, a flat above an antiques shop in a village by the sea, and a close group of friends.

But one day her carefully erected existence collapses when tragedy explodes back into her life.

Ten years ago Kate’s eight-week-old baby, Jamie, was stolen.

The loss destroyed her marriage and still haunts her dreams with guilt and longing.

And now letters have started arriving on her doormat, anonymous letters that read, ‘I know where he is…’

Tragedy strikes again when her colleague and close friend, Maggie, is found, dead.

Kate is torn between running once again or finding out who sent the letters so she can finally have some answers.

She enlists the help of Johnathon Reeve, a psychiatrist, to help her work through her issues.

He seems to be exactly what she needs – someone who listens, understands, and is willing to help.

Kate soon comes to the realisation that she must put her fear to one side and find the truth behind her son’s disappearance.

Even if the child will always remain just Out of Reach...

Out of ReachOut of Reach by Elizabeth McGregor
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Outstanding. Well written, beautiful descriptive language. With this originally published in 1997, McGregor was way ahead of her time and Out of Reach should be topping the charts with the likes of Gone Girl and Behind Closed Doors.

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