Tuesday, 23 May 2017


Manchester Terror Attack, May 2017
Today has been a mix of sadness and shock. Waking up this morning to the news that we, as a country, have been expecting but praying to avoid. The senseless terrorist attack on the Manchester Arena is being described as the worst to hit the UK since 2005.

My heart truly goes out to the families of those affected. Such a tragic loss of precious life. These mindless acts of terrorism are not only devastating to our country but also to others, particularly those of Muslim majority. I have heard too many racist comments over the past few years and it pains me that innocent people are being persecuted for their faith.

I do not pretend to understand Islam or the Muslim faith. Aside from learning the basics in high school during our Religious Education classes I have had very little exposure to them. Over the past few months I have found myself actively seeking out novels to read based around Islamic culture. I have grown to despise the tiny part of my brainwashed psyche that screams 'possible terrorist' every time a young Asian man with a backpack passes me by. 

Anyone that knows me well knows that I take mainstream media with a pinch of salt. My personality forces me to constantly question what we are shown. My hope is that by widening my reading to include literature from parts of society that I am unfamiliar with, I can develop a deeper understanding and have more empathy for those that are vilified by fellow members of my country. Being a mother of three I hope to pass on my empathy and my attitude towards others and to raise open-minded and tolerant young men and women.

#prayformanchester #endhatred #nomoreviolence 

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